Rotation Lock & Music Shortcut

Rotation Lock & Music Shortcut

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A handy shortcut to quickly access music, brightness, and lock your screen rotation is only a double-tap away.

Ever wanted to stop your screen from rotation when you turn the device? You're watching a movie or reading a book in bed and you want the screen to stop rotating. You can do this from Settings but there's a much easier way!

Show the Multi-Tasking bar

Just double-click the home button and the multi-tasking bar will appear

Swipe from left to right

You're screen should look like the one at the right.

What you can do now:
  1. Tap the far left button to lock or unlock your screen rotation
  2. Quickly access your music app by tapping the orange icon
  3. Play, pause or switch tracks on your music app
  4. On an iPad, you can also adjust the screen brightness
Maybe you didn't know...

On an iPhone, swipe from left to right again and you can access a volume slider control.

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