Fix Multiple Names in Incoming Calls

Fix Multiple Names in Incoming Calls

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My wife and I both have iPhones and share one iCloud account for Contacts. When she receives a phone call it now says “Dad” or “Richard Jones” (my dad). When she answers she has no clue who it is going to be. So in the case, she wants to ignore one over the other she is not sure what to do. Any suggestions to eliminate this?

Link duplicate contacts to avoid confusionCheck your contacts to see if you have a contact named "Dad". My guess is that you each had an entry for Rich but named them differently. When he calls, the phone sees two different contacts (named 'dad' and 'Richard Jones'). One easy way to clear this up is to merge the 'dad' and 'Richard Jones' contact cards. Go to the contact card (either one) and tap 'edit' then 'link contact' at the very bottom, then choose the contact to merge it with. Another way to clear this up is for each of you to have separate contact lists but I'm guessing you would have several duplicates and this would be undesirable. If this IS what you want, I can walk you through it, just let me know. Once you have separate contact groups, it's easy enough to set up which ones you are able to see: from the contact list, hit 'groups' in the upper left corner, then only check the groups that you want to see.

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