Attach a Photo in Mail on your iDevice

Attach a Photo in Mail on your iDevice

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wish you could just hit "Insert - Attachment" in a new mail message? You can now!

Quickly insert a photo or video to an email message on your iPad or iPhoneApple wants to break your old habits and teach you new, simpler ones. For instance, when sending a photo or video to someone, it makes much more sense to have the option to "Share" it while looking at the photo rather than forcing you to exit out of the Photos app, open your email app, and open a new email, right? For that reason, they never included an "Insert - Attachment" option in Mail. Finally, after enough people requested the "Insert - Attachment" feature, Apple added it in iOS 6. Simply tap and hold anywhere in the email body to bring up a small pop-up box. Tap the right arrow until you see "Insert Photo or Video".

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