• West Salem Elementary PBIS videos

    Innovating & EntertainingWest Salem Elementary School needed a clever and cutting-edge way to reach their students. Lassen donated creative services and received an A+ on the assignment.   Watch the short films!

  • Skinspired.co

    Inspiring TransformationSkinspired took their business to the next level with the help of Lassen. A web presence, brand new name, logo, and more. Check it out (and set an appointment!)

  • My Dairy app

    Mobile Tech on a Dairy Farm?

  • Team iDream

    1st and 3rd place for Team iDreamJason Lassen and Team iDream recently nabbed 2 of the top 3 prizes for a Build-Your-Own-App contest. Learn more...

  • Body Armour Training

    Body Armour TrainingKen Ziemer, CEO and Founder of Body Armour Persoal Training has embraced technology to help his startup outpace competitors. Visit his website...

The latest from Lassen

Team iDream

Lassen and Team iDream Win 1st And 3rd In iOS App Contest

Jason Lassen and Paula Waite teamed up in the fall of 2012 to form Team iDream and took part in a contest to build an iOS app for the insurance industry. The contest drew over 80 entries and when it concluded in March 2013, Team iDream took two of the top three spots - including the grand prize. Learn more about Team iDream and their apps at their website: www.teamidream.com

The Team iDream Apps

Here are just a few examples of the latest work from Lassen.
For more info, visit the Projects page