OS X Tips (May 2013)

OS X Tips (May 2013)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Take a screenshot in OS X
The entire screen:Hit Command + Shift + 3. It will save to your desktop as a .jpg file.
Just a portion of the screen:Hit Command + Shift + 4. The cursor turns into a crosshair - use it to draw a rectangle around the area you want to capture and let go. It will save to your desktop as a .jpg file.
Searching your Mac with Spotlight Search
I talked about Spotlight last time and how you can use it to search your Mac, email, contacts, etc. You also learned how you can do quick calculations using Spotlight. Another quick use for it? Use it to open an application.
For instance: Let's say you want to open iPhoto but you can't find the icon in the dock. type iPhoto into Spotlight and hit enter. Viola - you just opened the iPhoto app!

PS This also works on the iPhone and iPad!

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