Update Your Contacts

Update Your Contacts

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It sounds boring, I know. In the end, it will make your iLife much less frustrating. Take some time to update your contact list. It might take an hour the first time but it's well worth it in the long run. You can do this right on your iDevice or sign in to www.iCloud.com on any web browser and do it there. Follow these best practices:

  • Give each contact their own record. (i.e. create a separate contact for Jason Lassen and Gayle Lassen - don't create a "Jason & Gayle Lassen" contact) Most people have their own cell phone number and their own individual email address so they need to have their own individual contact card.
  • Name contacts correctly with a first and last name, not a nickname. (i.e. ditch the "Mom" contact and rename it with her full name. If you share your contacts with your spouse and/or children, this will help eliminate confusion over which 'Mom' is calling. It also makes it easier to find contacts - you won't have to remember if you used a real name or a nickname for each person)

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