No iCloud Storage Available?

No iCloud Storage Available?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

iCloud gives each user 5GB of free storage. Depending on your usage, that can fill up over time and you could get an email from iCloud telling you that there is not enough storage available. There's a few simple things you can do to free up some iCloud storage space:

  1. Manage iCloud storageIf you take a lot of photos or videos, it might be time to back them up to a PC and delete them out of your Camera Roll. iCloud backs up your Camera Roll so it's a good idea to clear it out every so often or it can become very bloated. The best thing to do here is to connect your iDevice to a PC and move the photos and videos that you want to keep to your PC hard drive. Once they're on your hard drive, delete them from your Camera Roll.
  2. Go to Settings - iCloud - Storage & Backup - Manage Storage. From here, delete any devices in the list that you no longer have. you could have an old iPhone or iPad backup hanging around taking up space that is of no use to you anymore.
  3. While in the Manage Storage (see #2), you can see which apps have data backed up. Tap on an app to see the files that are backed up for each one and swipe-to-delete any files you don't need backed up.
  4. You can purchase additional iCloud storage for a very reasonable price. While in the Manage Storage screen (see #2), tap "Change Storage Plan" to see the available options.
Just remember - the daily iCloud email reminder is annoying for a reason. The folks at Apple want you to keep your iDevice backups current so if anything happens to your device, you can easily restore your exact settings, Camera Roll, documents, apps and so forth on a brand new device.

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