Texting and iMessage Tips

Texting and iMessage Tips

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ever notice how some text messages you send are green and others are blue? Or why some messages say "Read at 7:31am", others just say "Delivered" and others have nothing?

Green vs Blue messagesBlue Messages:
When one Apple device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac) sends a text (officially called an iMessage) to any other Apple device, it is shown in light blue so you know it's being treated as an iMessage. This means that you can continue your conversation thread on any other Apple device as long as you have the same iCloud account logged in. You also don't use up any texting minutes from your cellular carrier - these are all free courtesy of Apple!

Green Messages:
Standard, old-school text messages.

A 'read' iMessageRead vs Delivered messages:
When texting from one Apple device to another (iMessaging), your iMessages are all date/time stamped. They're marked as "delivered" once they've successfully made it to the other person. If the other person has "Read Receipts" turned on, you'll get a note telling you when the other person actually read your iMessage. Standard texts (the green ones) do not allow for either delivery or read receipts.

How to turn your Read Receipts 'on'How to Turn Read Receipts On:
If you haven't already, turn on your Read Receipts so your friends can tell if you've seen their iMessages or not. Go to Settings > Messages > Send Read Receipts

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