iDevice Q&A

iDevice Q&A's - June 2013

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Should I turn off my iPad every night?

No! Leave it on 24/7 and just hit the lock button on top (or close your cover if you have one) to turn off the screen. The battery draw is very minimal and it's designed to be left on. Your mail and other iCloud items will sync in the background when you're not using it so it's updated once you pick it up.

How do I quickly mute my iDevice?

Above the volume buttons, there's a on/off toggle. Flip it off (so you can see the orange) and your device will be muted. *Note that the iPad has a setting (Settings - General) that can instead use the mute switch for Rotation Lock*

Sometimes I'll see this torn paper graphic in some apps. What does it mean?

This is an app's way (Facebook and Twitter for instance) of telling you that there are some posts in between that have been cut out. The stories on the bottom part are the ones that you viewed last time you logged on. Above the cut are the newest ones. If you're offline for days or weeks, there could be a zillion posts that you missed and the app doesn't want to load all of them and overload your feed.

Which devices have Siri?

  • iPad 3 and newer
  • iPhone 4S and newer
  • iPad Mini
Devices not listed are not able to get Siri on them.

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