PBIS Videos Created for West Salem Elementary School

West Salem Elementary PBIS

What is PBIS?

Gayle Lassen, School Counselor and PBIS Coach at West Salem Elementary School, explains:

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is simple: We teach students the behaviors we expect to see. We don't assume that every student comes through our doors with the same understanding of what "good" behavior is, so we teach it. We make it explicit. We model, practice, re-teach, and re-model if necessary. And when students display the positive behavior that we expect to see, we acknowledge it and celebrate their success. At West Salem we have 3 basic and universal expectations for our students and staff. #1 - Be Safe #2 - Be Responsible #3 - Be Respectful. We call it "The West Salem Way". As a way of introducing our expectations to students, we have created short films in different school settings to exemplify what safe, responsible and respectful look like, sound like and mean for them. We use non-examples to hook students and get their attention, as well as teach them what NOT to do. More importantly we use positive examples to make our expectations clear, teach common language, and show students what we DO want to see.

Lunch Story

Of course you've heard of Pixar's Toy Story, but what about West Salem Elementary's Lunch Story? In this video you'll meet all sorts of characters straight out of the wild West Salem, demonstrating the West Salem Way in the Lunchroom. This story wouldn't be complete without Woody, who through the use of his pull string, shares all of his expertise. After watching this story, you too will know the West Salem Way.

The Good. The Bad. The Arrival.

You've heard of Charlie's Angels, what about Clint Eastwood? Well, none of them have anything on our Sheriff or her deputies. Walking the halls of West Salem Elementary before school, these fearsome characters take their job seriously. They are vigilant about keeping the halls clear at the time of arrival and keeping an eye out for strays! It's a great day when you follow the West Salem Way at the time of Arrival. Yee-haw!!

Recess - The West Salem Way

Mrs. Beehive catches up with her long lost pal, Minnie Pearl. She greets us with her infamous, "How-dee!" while visiting West Salem Elementary to see all about this West Salem Way she's been hearing about. Mrs. Beehive, playground supervisor extraordinaire, shows Minnie great examples of students being safe, responsible, respectful. Pull up 'yer knickers and join the fun! You, too, will be eager to follow the West Salem Way with these fun loving country girls.

Hallway & Stairwell Expectations

In this video, the West Salem Angels have been assigned their most important mission yet: to teach students how to be safe, responsible and respectful in the halls and stairwells at West Salem Elementary. They have been called upon by 'Smalley', and they have their work cut out for them. Watch to see how the angels complete their mission and teach the students the West Salem Way.

Playground Expectations

In this PBIS Short, Mrs. Beehive, playground supervisor extraordinaire, is overrun by unruly students. But wait a minute - that's not the West Salem Way! Watch to see how students demonstrate all of the different ways to be safe, responsible and respectful on the playground, making recess fun for everyone. Be sure to stick around for the credits after the show because you won't want to miss them!

Arrival & Dismissal Expectations

This video might better be described as the most entertaining music video you've ever seen! In this PBIS short film, you'll see what trouble is and what it means to be "busted" when you are not being safe, responsible or respectful at arrival or dismissal. It's impossible to not sing along as you learn about the West Salem Way and see it in action. You'll also see what it means to be "trusted"... after all, it's always a good time!

Lunchroom Expectations

We take you on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the making of what's sure to be the next blockbuster. Lunchroom Expectations: The Movie may not be out in theaters yet, but join our director as he/she walks you through the painstaking process of filming this movie. No, she isn't working with A-list stars, but you're sure to be entertained as the cast delivers a beautiful performance of safe, responsible and respectful behaviors.

Bathroom Expectations

You enjoy game shows, right? How about 1970's pop culture? Regardless of your answer, come on down, and join the fun in learning about bathroom expectations. See if you can spot the below the line behaviors versus the West Salem Way. Who knows? You too could walk away with fabulous prizes just for playing along!

PBIS Bloopers & Outtakes

You thought the PBIS Shorts were funny? You haven't seen anything yet! After watching these bloopers and outtakes from the making of our films, two things will be perfectly clear. #1 We're passionate about what we do and we'll do just about anything for our students. #2 We won't be quitting our day jobs.